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An extraditable requested by Ecuador has surrendered by himself | 4 , January 2013 | 9:06 AM | Bulletin 2299
Santa Marta.

Andrés Prada Caicedo, a Colombo-American citizen, who was requested by the Ecuadorian authorities for his allegedly responsibility in the offense of money-laundering, he has surrendered by himself in the premises of the Technical Investigation Team (CTI) of the Colombia’s Attorney General Office in Santa Marta city, Prada appeared before authorities obeying to an arrest warrant […] See more

Nurse sentenced to 37 years in prison for homicide of a newborn baby | 13 , August 2012 | 4:03 PM | Bulletin 947
Santa Marta.

After admit an Attorney General Office petition, the 2 Penal Circuit Judge in Santa Marta – Magdalena, acting as Presiding Judge, sentenced to 37 years in prison to the nurse Eileen María Reyes Santiago, as responsible for aggravated homicide of a newborn baby. Facts, purpose of the investigation, happened on October 13, 2010, when the […] See more

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